Tacx Neo 2T vs Kickr/Stage Bike

Hi there

I'm looking to upgrade my indoor setup having sold my Kicr Core.

Can't decide whether to get the Neo 2T and use my spare bike on the indoor trainer or to go for a dedicate bike like the Kickr Bike, Stage Bike or even the Wattbike Atom.

Any thoughts?

Really like the experience of wheel of trainers, I guess main reasons for considering dedicated bike is maybe they have a smaller space footprint and maybe look a bit better indoors - maybe also multiple users can benefit

What does everyone think?


  • pblakeney
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    Looks don't count for much.
    Neo 2T is excellent but I have no experience of the others.
    Use a setup with easily adjusted saddle height and should be good to go for multiple users.
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  • joeyhalloran
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    I would say the only argument for an indoor bike is multiple users. Otherwise it's better to be riding your bike 100% of the time, indoors and out to get used to everything from a position point of view.

    Neo is a great turbo (I have one) but Garmin is absolutely rubbish for customer support. I haven't had any major issues with my Neo, and I don't know how common they are. I bought it when it was a Tacx product but would have second thoughts with Garmin behind the wheel.
  • StillGoing
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    As above, unless there's multiple users, I see no point in the Stages/Kickr/TACX bike or Atom. I have a gen 1 Neo that hasn't missed a beat and see no reason to upgrade to a 2 or 2T. I get to ride my bikes to get used to positions, particularly apt for the TT bike.

    If a dedicated trainer bike is a necessity, then I'd say the Kickr.
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