Marin San Anselmo (older version)

I haven't been on hear for long time and recently got very bored so picked up old Marin San Anselmo to clean up and enjoy some leisure riding.

Currently in process of striping down, clean then polish, finding some parts that are worn out others lot better condition, now I'm not sure what year is this but it has to be early 2000 or bit older, feels very light compare to MTB.

Now the bad bits when it comes to MTB I fairly clued up what works with what but need to pick your brains on 700cc wheels, I can see one of the rims has been changed but both wheels have slight buckles so might be looking at changing them and would like to fit slightly wider tyres, currently has 700x32 tyres so not use to having them that skinny :) ,if you could recommend something let me know.

Notice the rear shifter has display damage but shifts ok.

Not sure how well this polishing will go but will give it a try. Need to take a look at the headset hoping will just need clean and re-grease.

I'm sure I will have plenty more questions soon but for now couple pics of this beast and on plus side of things we have some rear suspension in seat post :D



  • veronese68
    veronese68 Posts: 27,288
    Might not be able to get much wider than 32 with that front mudguard, 35 will probably fit but hard to tell looking at a picture on my phone.
  • ade555
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    edited August 2020
    I don't think I will keep that mudguard.

    Striped the bike down now, bottom bracket nice and smooth but the headset bearing is rusted, fork crown race have some pitting

    Anyone know where I could find some info about this bike at all?