Setting up SPD SL Cleats

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I recently switched cycling shoes from SPD to SPD SL. I've set the cleats up in a neutral position (as were my old ones) but feel the outside bottom right part of the cleat is digging into the underside of my foot.

I usually wear a 9 but Fiziks website claims their 43.5 is a UK 9. I'd originally bought a pair of Specialized Torch 1.0s but found them too narrow in the toe box, the Fiziks felt great out the box.

Is there anything I can do set up wise or are the shoes too small?

Old shoes: Specialized Sport TR, size 44
Old Pedals: Shimano PD M520
New shoes Fizik Tempo Power Strap, size 43.5
New Pedals: Shimano SPD SL 105



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    It won't be the cleat digging into your foot - not with a stiff soled road shoe.
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    I found Fizik shoes very strange sizing wise & they were also very narrow at the toebox, for me anyway.

    As above it's not really likely to be your cleat setup although you could move them around a bit & see if that helps.

    Plenty of videos on YT regarding cleat position but if you listen to bikefitjames on Francis Cade's channel he recommends slamming them all the way back as a starting point.

    That's the way I have mine which again works for me but YMMV.
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    Try moving the cleats in a bit, to move your feet out when sat on the bike.

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