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Camelbak MULE, old vs new

I have had a Camelbak MULE for ten years now and it has been superb. I've snagged it on barbed wire, branches, and brambles without any damage. I've fallen on it onto rocks and against trees too many times to count and it has protected my back and survived unscathed. It gets covered in mud, then when it's dry gets brushed off with a wood-backed bristle brush; and when it goes in the washing machine it comes out like new. It was almost ripped in half when I snagged the top when I was passing under a fallen tree. I have stitched it up and it looks great again. :)

So what's wrong with it?

One of the shoulder straps is starting to fail at the top. The internals are fraying and the tools and other bits are merging into one. I have stitched it back together (after a fashion), but I've had my money's worth out of it, it only cost me £50!! I'll be needing another one before too long.

I have been looking at new versions. I don't mind that the detail design is different, but some of the reviews are critical of the new Camelbak. They say that the quality of construction, the buckles, and the fabric of the bag itself are not as robust. I'd go look at one in a shop and get hands on, but that's not allowed these days.

Has anyone got one of the new versions after having had one of the old ones and can give me their view please? :)


  • haywainhaywain Posts: 14
    I got a new MULE a few weeks ago, replacing my previous one from around 15 years ago (or more). The construction seems fine to me and it's a bit bigger than the old one in terms of what I can get in it. Overall I'm quite happy with my purchase. Obviously there are some things like the longevity of fastenings that will only become clear with the passage of time and rough treatment so on that side of things it's a case of fingers crossed and hope for the best.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Thanks haywain :)
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