PTP 2020 - Il Lombardia - Saturday, 15 August

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So this is one that is really messing with my brain. It's Il Lombardia on Saturday!

Picks in by 12pm on the day please. Am at my Gran's funeral on the day so won't be able to do the results until next week.

Going from Bergamo to Como, the route has been shortened to 230km

Startlist here

Previous Winners
2019 MOLLEMA Bauke
2018 PINOT Thibaut
2017 NIBALI Vincenzo
2016 CHAVES Esteban
2015 NIBALI Vincenzo
2014 MARTIN Dan
2013 RODRÍGUEZ Joaquim
2012 RODRÍGUEZ Joaquim
2011 ZAUGG Oliver
2010 GILBERT Philippe


  • Remco please
  • archieboy
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    Remco pls

  • dish_dash
    dish_dash Posts: 5,576
  • gsk82
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    Evenepoel please
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  • red.rider
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    Yeah... Remco EVENEPOEL too
  • joe_totale-2
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    Jakob Fuglsang please
  • RichN95.
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  • DeadCalm
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    Bagioli please.
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  • Dorset_Boy
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    The boy wonder, Remco Evenepoel please.
  • TheBigBean
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    Evenepoel please
  • niknak1
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    Alexsandr Vlasov

  • ridgerider
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    Bennett please
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  • m.r.m.
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    Evenepoel please
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  • gweeds
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    Remco please
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  • ocdupalais
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    Remco please.
  • ducknumber1
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    Diego Ulissi please, thanks.
  • gregster04
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    Jakob FUGLSANG please
  • rozzer32
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  • orraloon
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    Evenepoel pls
  • twotoebenny
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    Remco for me pls
  • dish_dash
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    Sorry for the delay in getting these up. Got thrown by my Gran's funeral.

    Not a good day at the office for most people, largely due to Evenepoel's horror crash.

    joe_totale and gregster hit the jackpot with Fuglsang though!

    Player Pick Score
    joe_totale-2 Fuglsang 50
    gregster04 Fuglsang 50
    ridgerider Bennett 40
    niknak1 Vlasov 35
    RichN95 Ulissi 10
    ducknumber1 Ulissi 10
    takethehighroad Evenepoel 0
    archieboy Evenepoel 0
    dish_dash Evenepoel 0
    gsk82 Evenepoel 0
    red.rider Evenepoel 0
    DeadCalm Agioli 0
    Dorset_Boy Evenepoel 0
    TheBigBean Evenepoel 0
    m.r.m. Evenepoel 0
    gweeds Evenepoel 0
    ocdupalais evenepoel 0
    rozzer32 Evenepoel 0
    orraloon Evenepoel 0
    twotoebenny Evenepoel 0