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New bike

Hi all I've just got this bike, my first in a while and looking to get back to cycling, it was cheap as I won't be able to use it every day due to work etc, but have a question, as it's all black, frame tires etc I'm looking for ways to add some colour if that possible.

Any advice/tips would be appreciated


  • ToneCToneC Posts: 33
    I'm not being nasty but you're not planning on doing any hard offroading on it are you? It's not really cut out for that.

    Ways to add colour -

    New grips?

    New tube caps?

    Saddle ?

    Pedals ?
  • merlin40merlin40 Posts: 26
    Hey no no just more road cycling that anything tbh
  • parrymanparryman Posts: 153
    Is this for fashion or visibility?

    The former, as ToneC said.
    If you are a bit more adventurous, you can get coloured components (bars, stem, seatpost, pedals, etc.)

    The latter, you can get reflective 3m stickers (in black or neon if you'd rather)

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  • merlin40merlin40 Posts: 26
    Thanks parryman, think it just looks dull, anyway as I'm on a budget, what would be a good bike for road cycling, more mountain bike preferred, also what's the difference with front disc brakes and normal breaks.

    Current budget is around £350
  • That bike looks awful, is it even 26" wheels!? The tiny frame with tall stem an long seatpost makes no sense.... To me it looks like a cheap old kids bike. Please don't waste any hard earned cash on that bike.

    For 350 you wont get much choice buying brand new, especially today what with lockdown and cheap bikes being sold out everywhere.

    second hand is your best bet, but you have to know what you're looking for..... Sound like you want to get yourself a hybrid
  • ToneCToneC Posts: 33
    edited August 2020
    Um. I wouldn't spend 350 on that bike. It's more than the bike is worth by a long way I reckon.

    For 350 you can buy a decent second hand bike if you can locate one.

    Or even some cheaper hardtails. Like Calibre bikes or Decathlon. Although there are delays in new bikes coming into stock currently.

    Can I suggest you hang onto your money currently, add a bit more to it over the next couple of months and maybe buy a bike in a few months time whilst keeping an eye on the second hand market ?

    In the meantime , ride that bike you've got , enjoy it , get fitter and see how you get on and if you decide to buy a (much) better bike in a couple of months. But for xxxx's sake , do not spend 350 quid on it !!!!!!

    I'd also check it over mechanically as it's not new and given it was probably a cheaper bike to start with may not have been put together with all due care and attention.
  • merlin40merlin40 Posts: 26
    Hi guys so I'm now looking at Carrera bikes from Halfords, which one would you recommend, Carrera hellcat or vengenance
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    I'd go over that bike and check all the fittings and fastenings before riding it. From the photo it looks like the stem may be extended beyond its limit and the seat post is installed backwards and may also be beyond its safe limit.
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