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Bicycle Sizing Guide

If you failed to look into the sizing guide before buying it, it may lead to knee and back injury. Make sure that you’re riding the correct sized bicycle according to your body height.
This guide will help you to find the best sized bike according to your body height -


  • Utter censored . Inside leg and arm length totally ignored. Same for crank length. I am 5.9 with an inside leg of 29 and ride a 49 or 50, but according to this drivel l should be riding a 56.
    Not a Giro Hero!
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    Yep, anybody following those guidelines is going to end up with a bike that is too big for them. I’m just under 6’ tall with a 33” inside leg.

    According to the general size chart I should be riding a 56-58cm frame.

    Using the ‘magic formula’ for inseam I should be riding a 59cm frame.

    I have 4 bikes, all of them are 55cm, which is my perfect size. My first road bike was a 56cm which required me to swap the stem out for a 90mm stem as I was too stretched out. Lesson learnt when I replaced it several years later.

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