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What size headset do I need?

parrymanparryman Posts: 153
edited August 2020 in MTB workshop & tech
I feel like a bit of a tit asking, but standards have changed since my last foray into building a bike.

The frame has a 44mm HT, and I will be running a tapered steerer (I assume this means 1 1/8" top to 1 1/2" bottom).

I *think* I need Type 2 top (zs44) and a Type H bottom (EC44/40), does this seem right?
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  • reaperactualreaperactual Posts: 1,183
    edited August 2020
    Nothing wrong with double checking Pal. Yes, providing your headtube is suitable for zero stack/semi integrated headset standard, (basically pressed in cups to house bearings)

    Headsets have different terminology between brands for this but the S.H.I.S code is the same and my hardtail has the same straight 44mm headtube with tapered forks using a zero stack 1,1/8" top assembly and a 1.5" external cup bottom headset assembly.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    When headset questions come up, I usually point people at the Cane Creek headset finder, but I have just discovered that they have withdrawn their very useful web page because they can no longer keep up with the huge variety of headsets! :(

    This is now the best page from them for your purposes:

    If you click on "standardised headset identification system", you get this poster, which looks as though it could be very useful.

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