Options for replacing my stolen bike

So my Genesis Equilibrium disc has been stolen, I'm still hopeful it may be found for sale online and I can get it back but as cycling is my main transport (10mile each way commute across south London, for winter training, general to/from shops & looking to do some Audaxing) I need to have a plan to replace it. Also I'd need to submit a cycle to work scheme application soon potentially. Please if you see any parts matching this description (https://forum.bikeradar.com/discussion/13112607/genesis-equilibrium#latest) online though please let me know or contact Met police with reference number 3020492/20 as return of this would be cheapest option.

Anyway, if a replacement is needed I have a few options and am wondering if anyone has opinions on my suggestions, or can offer alternatives?

1) Build another Equilibrium disc with Shimano 105, and hydraulics as I had, did everything I needed. Was all day comfortable, predictable and enjoyable I liked the 631 steel of the older version I had, will take time but I already have a wheelset and rear cassette so that's a start. Cost would be in the region of £800 at a guess, think I have some old bars and saddle that would make do as well.

2) Merlin ROC disc 105 (£999, NOT on my cycle to work). Essentially the same set up groupset wise I had before less my Hope calipers. I like how this groupset works and feels. Anyone have/ridden one? They have my size in stock so would get sooner rather than later which is a plus

Ribble CGR AL (£999/1399, available on cycle to work). More expensive than the Merlin but a better bike? Or I could lower the cost to same of the Merlin and go with Tiagra and mechanical disc. Is the mechanical disc that much worse as I've never tried? How is the Tiagra 10 speed compared to 105 11 speed? No delivery until October

Ribble CGR 725 steel (£1299, available on cycle to work). Its steel, it turns out I like steel but I'm not tied to it so not a massive deal. Again, how is the groupset/mechanical discs? No delivery until October

Triban RC520 (£749 NOT on cycle to work). Mixture of the 105 and mechanical set up. Good compromise or bad mix? Only read good reviews, can anyone confirm? Bit hit and miss with stock it seems

Last option is that I'm an idiot spending this much on a bike to use in London, to get something super cheap from Halfords or an old Allez etc and if it gets stolen again then just replace with another cheapie? Any other suggestions?


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    Yep, if you have the room a pub/commuter bike should always be part of your fleet.

    Otherwise you've listed some good options, I really like the look of the new Boardman ADV and that would give you the option of off road riding as well as having nice gearing for hillier audaxs such as The Shark. Just avoid mechanical disc brakes would be my advice, the Triban has the Hy/Rd brakes which are much better than mechanical disc brakes but can be awkward to service.
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    Yes it seems its leaning that way to have a cheapo bike for the commute, I have a garage and shed but that also houses two motorbikes a workbench and the assorted crap any discerning garage does.

    I have a Brompton for odd day trips, visiting people, short trips etc that I can use for the commute, 20 miles a day gets a bit much for too many days/weeks in a row though. I also have a ridley noah for a nice/summer bike so this was due to be the everything else bike, housing 4 bikes could be tricky but possible.

    Also seen the Sonder Santiago which is higher priced but looks to fit the bill.

    If anyone has a small framed bike going cheap that fits the bill as a cheap commuter then please get in touch. I am based in the south of the UK but can travel a reasonable distance as split my time between London and Exeter.