Scam website for sure.heads up

My brother got this on his Facebook feed and nearly purchased something before asking me 1st.
Got to be a scam.


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    Yup, got to be a scam, too cheap, lots of logos across the bottom that are meaningless (look at a reputable website, do they have McAfee/Visa etc there).

    US phone number and almost certainly using VOIP to India or one of the other world centres for scamming.

    They can't even get the before discount prices vaguely right, £233 for a Fuel EX8..... lol that would be a massive bargain before you then discount it to the £62 stated. Then they have framesets at the same price as the complete bike.

    Some good advice from Trek

    Bear in mind you'll be giving them your name and address and full credit card details, I doubt the 'price' of the bike will be all that leaves your account!
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  • Scammers should be all flogged :D