Tubeless set up

I have been thinking of setting my new gravel bike up with tubeless wheels. I have bought some Gravelking SK tyres to fit however am pretty clueless as to weather the rims are set up already. The rims have tape in the rim bed, but again im not sure if this is tubeless tape or not. I have been trying to find the rims online to research a little but cant seem to find anything. Any information anyone has would be amazing. Rims are 'Expert Jalco'

I am also thinking of keeping this wheelset setup with tubes and maybe getting a set of mason x hunt 4 season with the gravelkings for a tubeless setup. Has anyone had experience with these, whats your thoughts?


  • StillGoing
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    That's not tubeless tape.
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  • Brilliant, that's what i thought. What is it if it isn't Tubeless tape? do i need to remove it before adding tubeless tape? (sorry im a noob)