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Easton XC Two hubs help please πŸ˜₯

Hi all, I have a big problem with the rear axle on my Easton XC Two hubs on my GT Avalanche 3.0, the rear axle has snapped internally, I have no idea how??
I have tried to source replacement everywhere but have been told that the hubs are discontinued and spare parts are not made for them any more! And advised to buy a new wheelset.
I have tried Silverfish and they said that there are no spares available and I keep looking on ebay etc but nothing!
Please could I ask if anyone knows where I may be able to source some anywhere, or if anyone has had the same issue and how they fixed it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated of course 😁


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    It will have snapped from excessive torque (twisting force). Maybe it started with a crack and that has slowly progressed over time until finally there is so little metal left that one more application of torque and it finally gives way.

    I had a rear hub axle snap on a new bike after only 140 miles and a few weeks. Fortunately there were spares (actually a replacement with a steel hub axle instead of the original alloy one .

    If spares are not available for your hub, then that's that! So it's new hub time. I have no knowledge of your hub or the bike so I can give no detail advice except to start looking for a new rear wheel. It will be possible to rebuild the wheel with a new hub of a different make, but it might be more expensive than replacing the entire wheel.
  • dandyukdandyuk Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply Steve, I thought as much, just annoying as I really like the ride of the bike but pretty pointless changing the complete wheelset
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