campagnolo veloce 2015 spares


i bought a pair of used campagnolo veloce dual pivot brakes from 2015.

they are in pretty good cosmetic condition but these brakes have grub screws to fix both the main (mounting) pivot bolt and the secondary pivot bolt. this is odd as the secondary pivot is already fixed by a locknut in addition to the thread in the main alloy mounting block.

my problem is some previous owner has overtightened this grub screw which has damaged the thread of the pivot bolt. someone has also tried to loosed this pivot bolt with the grub screw in place and pretty much destroyed the hex socket in the head of the bolt.

so, questions:

is it really true that campagnolo sell only a very limited set of spares for these brakes (no pivot bolts)?

is there a tektro brake that shares parts with this brake that has spares availability?



  • low end brakes don't have spares. The high end stuff does.

    Why are you trying to undo the grub screw. You do t need too. If the brakes don't open and close properly they are done for. Too many waste time trying to save things that are not worth it.