FSA Omega AGX+ vs Shimano GRX 600/105

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I've been looking at getting a gravel bike. Must be a GRX 2x, aiming to get a GRX810 deraileurs with GRX 600 crankset/shifters/brakes and price is flexible by trying to get near to £1500.

The new Cannondale Topstone 1 2021 seems to tick most/all the boxes. Even the colour is nice and it is certified to carry my lard-arse (120kg): https://www.evanscycles.com/cannondale-topstone-1-2021-men-s-gravel-bike-EV380057

However the chainset is a FSA Omega AGX+ and BB setup. How does this compare with a GRX600/105 level set up? Seems a bit odd to not just go with a GRX600 like others (i.e. Orbea Terra), but presume it saves money.

Can't seem to find anything recent about FSA Omega chain sets, but older posts (8+ years) on here don't seem to make for good reading.



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    You are correct, it is done to get the bike to a price. I looked on the FSA website and cannot find a Omega AGX + crankset, so may be a special supplied to Cannondale.
    There are two ways to look at this, run it until it needs new rings and/or until the BB wears out then swop to your preferred GRX crankset. Or if it really bothers you, ask Evans if they will swop them out for you, with you paying the difference. I don't know how amenable Evans are at doing this, never bought a bike from them, also never used an FSA crankset, so don't know how durable they are?