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GP 5000 vs 4 Season for Winter

mark8191mark8191 Posts: 72
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I've had Conti 4 seasons on my road bike for a year now but would quite like to try out some GP 5000's. Is it ok to ride the 5000's in winter (grip wise) or should I switch back to the 4 seasons for winter?


  • joe2019joe2019 Posts: 1,338
    You can ride any tyre you like in winter.
  • Dorset_BoyDorset_Boy Posts: 6,665
    I left GP5000s on all winter and they are great in the wet.
  • thecycleclinicthecycleclinic Posts: 394
    edited August 2020
    It's not winter yet. You can ride and puncture any tyre you like in winter.

    While dorset boy says he gets on with the contis in winter one does not how much he rides in winter, his or hers mass, if he/she rides on main road or back.lanes or off road with them.

    Personally I find them poor in winter and o.k in summer. Punctures are not something I like. That has to alot with my weight, panniers, Suffolk back lane covered in flint and night riding so you don't always see the flint. Try henny back lane at night and you'll.know what I mean.

    Tyre recommendation threads never get anything but opinion. Try a variety of tyres and see what you like.
  • andyracandyrac Posts: 1,090
    As above.
    Winter tyres are a bit like saddles - all down to personal choice. Depending on were you live and the state of the roads should determine your choice. People rave about GP4 Seasons, I tried them and thought they were only 'okay'.

    I tend to ride on rural/semi rural roads, and in autumn/winter get covered in all kinds of muck/soil/gravel, so a 'normal' road tyre isn't the best choice. Last winter I used Vittoria Terreno Dry 31mm tyres tubeless on a Synapse, and can't recall punctures.

    I think it's a case of hit & miss trying different tyres, and what will fit in your frame; fit the widest you can fit.
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  • 50x1150x11 Posts: 408
    GP5000's are the best tyres I've used. Not used them through winter, but have ridden on some pretty narly roads and soft gravel and not had an issue for them. I think I'll go back to my Gatorskins for winter as I've used them for 5 winter (different tyres) and never had one puncture. Just for peace of mind.

    Will ride the GP5000's on my nicer wheels on sunny winter days, if the notion takes me.
  • I'd rather save nice tyres for the theoretical nice summer weather, but there's been plenty on here that have written they have used the GP4000S IIs over winter.

    I usually change to 4 Seasons in recent years, if it's icy my 45 North Gravdals.
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