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Giant electric road bike

Following your giant e bike road trial in France 18 months ago I bought one and was very pleased to say the least Part from having the evo controller changed 3 times due to water ingress( commonfault I beleve) I had the bike 10 months & a couple of thousand miles and the frame developed a link on the diagonal strut just above the rear axle. To cut a long story short I eventually was given a new 2020 new bike ( 3 months) mainly through to the efforts of the giant dealer in kendal cumbria who found that giant had a known frame fault only with the large frames.
The new models slightly lighter in weight but now have a 375w battery as opposed to the 500w which is a step in the wrong direction. Within a month of receiving the bike it started cutting out when exceeding the 15.5mph eventually it got so bad I took the bike back and giant recommended controller change and as that did,nt fix it a new motor after a further 2 months got the bike back and once again the same problem occurred probably cut out 10 times on a 50 mile run, so got back on to the giant agent at Kendal who contactacted giant and guess what they have now confirmed they have a known software issue with the new 2020 model so am now patiently awaiting a fix.
I must emphasize the giant dealers at kendal have been fantastic in all this but I have been without a bike for 5 months since Dec 2018.


  • racerexracerex Posts: 51
    Sucks, But it does have pedals, right? Just got to drag that motor and battery up the hill.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 7,810
    Cheers for sharing, you've just confirmed to me what I already knew and solidified my stance on evokes. Not for me whilst I can pedal.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
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