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Overhauling my Trek Domane 4.3

At the start of the year I stripped my Trek Domane 4.3 down to the bare frame, and given it and the components a deep clean. Now I'm putting it together, including fitting new BB90 press fit bottom bracket bearings, headset bearings, plus the usual stuff (cassette, chain rings, new cables and housings). I've never done any of this stuff before (well, I have replaced cassettes and chain rings) and am very much at the amateur end of the home mechanic scale.

Anyway, I've been making videos about the process which I hope will be useful to others thinking about doing the same. Showing the BB90 stuff in detail, including how to fit the new bearings without popping off the dust covers, is not something I was able to find on the internets.

Here's the link to the YouTube video
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