2021 Trek Emonda SLR - Two questions

The 2021 Trek emonda SLR 7 is advertised on the trek site as 7.18kg. Is this weight accurate .. or marketing waffle?
Secondly..would a custom paint job under the project 1 scheme increase the weight?


  • joe_totale-2
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    It's a £6,000 Emonda so it should be around the weight on the website.

    There's probably a window of something like 5% above and below the weight so no one can go moaning to Trek if their Emonda is 7.3kg.

    And yep, extra paint will add a couple of hundred grams. Then you'll have to add on the weight of the pedals, bottle cages, computer mount...
  • fenix
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    What frame size ? Obv they can't all be that weight.
  • pete1336
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    Depends on what colour paint. Seriously. I remember Cannondale confirming that on an old SuperSix. They had a bare carbon version, a coloured paint job and one with much more white on it. The white was the heaviest as they needed more coats for lighter colours!

    "The frame is a little heavier due to the extra paint of the team livery with its frame weight rising to 727g"

  • zest28
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    I believe Trek also has extra light paint if you custom order it.