Lightweight, windproof ish top?


I hope I explain this ok....

I’ve been using a sportful long sleeve top for a few years but it needs replacing. ( they don’t do this model anymore. )
It’s a really thin top that I’d wear over a gilet and arm warmers whilst I warmed up as I tend to leave the house quite early, whilst it’s still a bit parky.

So, I’m looking for recommendations for something lightweight, some wind proofing but not necessarily offering any water resistant properties and something that doesn’t sound or feel like a pocket of crisps!

Budget is flexible around £100.

Cheers Stuart.


  • DeVlaeminck
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    Castelli squadra? Might be a bit crisp packety when on and is a little water resistant but it's a packable windproof. Or their Superleggera is a more expensive version of the same idea.
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  • mrb123
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    Sportful Hotpack.

    Galibier also seem to do something similar.
  • daniel_b
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    It's quite specific what you are after.

    I've recently been impressed with some merino blend products, in that they have kepy my trunk warm pretty effectively:

    That could be worth a look, and is bang on budget.

    I also really like my midweight Castelli SS jersey, but not sure if they do a LS version, perhaps Chpt3 do.

    I have to say if my torso got realyl cold though, I would simply look at one of the raft of gilets that are available, and the bonus with them is that breathability is not AS important.

    I have a softspot for the Castelli Fondo, but I suspect that is too insulated for what you want.

    I would have said Dotout are well worth a look, but it seems that Wiggle/CRC have sold all of their heavily discounted stock - they have a fair few with a merino blend.

    Good luck!
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