Can you prevent the PIKEs ride height from dropping when increasing rebound damping?


I own a 27.5 inch 150 mm Rockshox PIKE non boost with a DebonAir 2018 upgrade
Im running 20% sag, 3 clicks of rebound damping from full fast, and no low speed compression damping

When I change my rebound damping the sagged ride height changes too (more damping equals lower height) even on flat pavement rolling slowly straight
Is there any way to prevent this from happening?
It would be much easier to only have to change one thing at the time



  • The Rookie
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    increasing rebound damping shouldn't have that effect, it should only slow the return to static sag, not prevent it. Although on repeat hits you can end up with some 'packing down'.

    I'd start with a service of the damper , making sure no debris has got caught up in the rebound damper.
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  • steve_sordy
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    I agree with Rookie, the rebound damping setting should have no impact upon static sag. The "damping" in rebound damping only works when the fork is moving up and down, ie it damps (slows down) the speed of the rebound.

    Once you have that sorted, I would experiment with the low speed compression damping. Try riding over the same sort of bumpy trail that you used to set your rebound and then try some different settings on the LSC dial. LSC is a bit like rebound in that either end of the dial is not as good as a few clicks away.

    PS: I'm pretty sure that Rockshox will recommend a 30% sag setting for that fork. To be sure, note down the fork serial number. It should look a bit like this: 16T73323397
    Then go to the Rockshox Trailhead web page:

    Then enter the serial number.

    That will tell you all about your fork. It also will give you recommended suspension settings for your fork, suited to your riding weight.

    Here is a link to the Rockshox fork set up and tuning guide. It is important the fork has been inflated in the correct manner. It also provides loads of other useful stuff.
  • steve_sordy
    steve_sordy Posts: 2,441
    @samtaleterapi Did any of that work for you?