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Single speed front fork replacement

Greetings all,

For the 18 months I’ve been commuting on a Charge Plug single speed, having upgraded after 10 years on the old model.

It’s a great ride except for the front fork which seems to have a defect that makes it creak and judder.

I'm looking for a replacement fork that is going to fit the frame and ideally look alright. My local bike shops have not been able to help so I’m hoping someone may have suggestions as to a good replacement…

2017 Charge Plug 1, with 6061 series aluminium frame and Straight blade alloy fork. It has Tektro CR-710 canti brakes.

Some further size/angle specs attached as an image.

Any help appreciated!


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Are you sure it's the fork ? Not that it's loose or the headset is ?

    I mean a fork is a fork. If it's in one piece it should do the job.
  • Hey Fenix, I'm not exactly sure to be honest. The advice I got to replace the fork was from my bike mechanic as he said it was poorly machined and was the cause of the noise/judder but I could be wrong in this.

    Appreciate the response!
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