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Which 9 speed cassette do I need

Hi hope someone can help me. I want to buy a new 9 speed cassette (and chain) for my Cannondale SL900. Im a bit of a novice when it comes to bikes so dont want to end up buying the wrong one. The current 9 speed hub is a 32 -11 (not sure of make or material but assume its original). My rear wheel is a "Mavic X223 Disc", and the hub shell of the wheel has written on it "Coda Expert Freehub".

Ive read from various online sources that the wrong cassette can gouge out the freehub or wheel splines or something. Noting that the bike is aluminium and the wheels are light in weight too, can anyone recommend a suitable replacement cassette and chain ?? Thanks. Just to note that I have a Shimano deore (3 cog) crankset.


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