Shimano and Campagnolo mix

Probably asked before but I can't find it
I have Shimano 105 3x8 derailier can I use Campagnolo shifters ?


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    Short answer - no

    I stand to be corrected but I think the only cross compatibility is with 11 speed cassettes where the spacing in such that you can run a Shimano 11 speed cassette with a Campagnolo 11 speed shifter and vice versa

    Edit:- Just remembered that you can buy a ShiftMate which will allow mixing of components but not sure how efficient they are.

    Link above is to the ShiftMate 1 but I think there are multiple options for different scenarios
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    If you can find any I believe Sachs New Success shifters are the same as Campagnolo 8 speed but with a pull ratio that matches Shimano. Sachs developed them along with Campagnolo but were then bought out by SRAM so that was their last groupset.
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    Thanks, now looking for Shimano shifters.