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saturday is thermodynamically inevitable


slightly soggy, wonder if it will dry for an early ride, rain radar time

aside from that coffee, nyt, extreme laziness, sort out some more hols stuff
my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,854
    Morning. Dry and breezy here at the moment. Off to work, sadly full shift with the undesirables.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 8,929
    Morning, just walked tigger we are both wet through, although it’s stopped raining now, hopefully will get out on the bike, just waiting for the toast to cool down.
    Have a good weekend
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,900
    Walk hounds and then entertain the kids whilst the wife babysits for the day, which will probably involve the pub
  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,215
    dry ride, felt an impertinence of drizzle at one point, just unrelenting greyness

    stroll for a brekkie, mrs s having a lay in with cats
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 44,019
    Rain has stopped jobs in garden so need to do some stuff in the house. Don't fancy walking the hounds till it clears up. Stropteen not too happy either as she was due to have a social in somebody's garden this afternoon. That's life...

    "I spent most of my money on birds, booze and fast cars: the rest of it I just squandered." [George Best]
  • racerexracerex Posts: 55
    Another gorgeous day in Florida. That’s all I’m saying.
  • darkhairedlorddarkhairedlord Posts: 6,464
    Still nothing from wiggle after hermes lost their van. I need my headset!
    Measuring wifi signal around the house before moving the router closer to the BT master socket, then I'll re measure the signal at the same spots.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,455 Lives Here
    Afternoon folks,
    Currently being driven through French France so I'm hiding in the back seat, I'll take over again when we get to Italy. Well, a bit before that given we'll be in a tunnel. Not raining here but grey, 28'C though. Probably not as humid as Florida which is good.
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,626

    Run first thing in the wet, then despite the forecast it's been reasonable here.

    Went for a long walk this afternoon and mostly managed to avoid the zombie idiots that seem to have invaded the place.
    One group even thought the "keep dogs on leads around sheep" sign was because the sheep attack dogs.
    I should've told them that they eat children too and they should go back now.

    Security system arrived and has been set up. Ended up using the big SDS drill for the rawlplugs which has made a bit of a mess :disappointed:

    Now some khunt has just decided to burn some evidence and the whole town's full of smoke and stinks of burning plastic, more than normal.
  • darkhairedlorddarkhairedlord Posts: 6,464
    Every man should own an SDS.
  • darkhairedlorddarkhairedlord Posts: 6,464
    The 30min estimate delivery for my deliveroo curry is now 30 mins late.
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,626

    Every man should own an SDS.

    The 6mm drill bit for it is quite comical.
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