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Not a gravel bike build & Schwalbe G One "gravel tyres"

karty011karty011 Posts: 5
edited July 2020 in Road general
Spent a bit of my lock down building a custom rig for the kind of roads/ trail riding I tend to do around Kent. To be honest I'm not the strongest of riders and really have not much interest, in breaking KOMs locally (Because unless Covid takes 80% of the riders I see out on the trails it’s not happening. Ok make it 95%!). Anyways I do like to ride, I get out 4 times a week and since lockdowns kick off have lost well over a stone’s displacement!

The bike build started with a really really badly neglected 29 Giant MTB frame that I hadn’t got round to throwing as you can see in the pics the shocking state the previous owner had left it in. Covered in scratches, with lots of lean marks and paint missing it was just checking time in gods bike garage waiting room!”

Covid however left me with ideas and a bit of time to carry them out. I have some mechanical skill and am a bit creative like. So, the start of the build was under way with epoxy resin to fill in the deep marks. Lots of rubbing down followed by primer! The various tiers of colour followed by some lacy garments (Aye) press ganged for Stencils. If you take a look at the pics you can see it take shape over two weekends culminating in a candy purple topcoat.

The build was done using lots of bits lying around mostly 105 and some Xtr. Giant PXCR1 wheelset with gorgeous Dt Swiss hubs Including a star drive rear and massive Schwalbe G One 29x 2.35 tyres. Surprisingly fast and light. Which leaves me with todays issue. Both rear tyres have now developed bulges in the tread. The first after 350kms the second one has completed two rides totalling 90kms.

I have just today written to Schwalbes customer service to ask them if there is an issue. All tyres are run tubeless, and even during installation they haven’t seen over 35psi to set them! And they run at between 25-30psi. I have 3 tyres in total and replaced the last one because the odd fault can happen but two out of three paints a bit more than coincidence.

Hope all is well with you all and if any of you see me on the hills of Kent nr Biggin hill do shout out!



  • singletonsingleton Posts: 2,468
    Nice to see something a little bit different, good looking build.
    I had some 35mm g-ones and they were fine - can't help you there I'm afraid.
  • karty011karty011 Posts: 5
    Thanks , they roll really well tubeless but the bulge issue is depressing. I expected a shortish life span because of the light weight construction, but im probably going to replace with contis next.
  • zest28zest28 Posts: 403
    Probably the inner casing is cracked and the sealant found its way into the hole most likely.

    You need to get the tyre replaced basically as it is defective.
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 12,319
    I've started running G-One Allround 38mm on my semi converted to gravel road tourer but tubed because of the original wheels. Running 50psi and no issues. Is 25psi a bit low?
  • karty011karty011 Posts: 5
    zest28 Thanks yes I've come to the same conclusion and emailed them. Hopefully will hear back soon .
  • karty011karty011 Posts: 5
    orraloon, Thanks for the input the 2.35 (mtb) size is around 60mm so its a big air volume tyre. Off road 25psi is fine and on road you gain little benefit over 30psi
  • zest28zest28 Posts: 403
    Good luck. I had the same thing happening too but with different tyres :p
  • karty011karty011 Posts: 5
    Just took rear tye off and put a tube in it which stopped the bulging. Obviously air is travelling through the plys into areas air should not be going and inflating air pockets. Thats two rear tyres now and they're suposed to be tubeless which feel geat run that way putting a tube in them reduces the feel way too much!
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