Replacing chain rings

hi all.

Newbie here. I have a GT Zaskar and finally got round to replacing the chain to realise I need a new cassette. This done I had slipping which I have narrowed down to worn chain rings, unsurprisingly, im a weighty guy and its had a lot of use. However, I can find a replacement outer ring but have been searching for 2 days for the inner ring. Am I missing something? I can only find the pair with a whole new crank set for a fair bit of cash. Is this only how they come? I'm surprised that I cant just buy them as a pair.

I'm after Shimano SLX FCM675 10 Speed Double Chainrings but can only find the outer ring.

Its all a learning curve for me but enjoying learning to do my own maintenance, but I'm stumped.




  • Sheesh.. what a muppet I am! How did i miss this! I literally searched everywhere but ebay! 🙈
    Thats great, thanks for the quick reply!

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    You just need a chainring with a 64mm BCD.
    CRC have the 24T ring for £21 if you want to stick with Shimano.
    SJS Cycles have a 26T ring or a 28T ring for £15.

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