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CliMachX trail review

danlightbulbdanlightbulb Posts: 701
Rode two loops of CliMachX yesterday. Its located in Aberdyfi forest just north of Machynlleth, Wales.

15km long, approx 400m ascent. Red grade.

Typical Welsh traditional trail. Alot of fireroad (I reckon at least 70% of the distance) with shortish sections of very narrow rocky singletrack dotted around the route.

Its all quite tame aside from the last descent which is very rocky and has some very difficult rock slabs to try and traverse. Had an OTB on the first loop and so got off and pushed over some of it on the second. There were two particular features which are well beyond red grade IMO.

Some sources put the last section as black however its only those very short sections. I dont think its appropriate to grade any section of a red looped trail as black because there is no alternative way round, and 99% of the trail is an easy red.

I think the trail builders should do a little work on those two particularly difficult features and downgrade them a bit, make it safer overall and a more consistent red grade.

Overall a nice route, good views and very quiet. Its not as good as Marin or Penmachno.


  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 6,978
    edited July 2020
    Was talking about this to a friend the other day.

    I find the first few singletrack sections quite nice - tight and twisty and a bit old skool. I don't know if it had dried out when you went but it was rivaling Penmachno for wetness when I went.

    I've always had to carry my bike on the majority of that section just before the final section with rock slabs (apparently it is graded black, but as you say there's no alternative route). It's too wet and there's too many wheel grabbing holes in the rocks to ride it.
    The final descent is disappointing too - just a few steep, tight switchbacks then you ride down a grassy verge to the car park thinking "was that it?". One description of the trail says:
    The finale is a sequence of eight huge berms following quickly after each other. Hit them high enough and fast enough and they ride really well, but don't look down!
    which sounds like a completely different trail to me.

  • danlightbulbdanlightbulb Posts: 701
    Nice to know its not just me who couldnt ride that rock slab section, and I agree the final berms are not huge by any stretch but i enjoyed them, and the bit before them which is nicely rocky.

    I took some video on my action cam so if its come out ok ill post a couple of short sections.
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