650 wheels and cx tyres on road bike?

johngti Posts: 2,508
Just wondering if anyone has tried using 650 wheels with cx tyres on a road bike. I have a cheap mtb but thinking of moving it on. So my giant contend disc bike might suffice for gentle off road rides with my son but I can’t see how I’d get suitable tyres to fit. Currently set up with 28mm continental gp5000tl. Would this work?


  • zest28
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    If you are only doing "gentle" off road riding, the 28mm GP5000 should be fine. Pro's use road tyres in races like Strada Bianca also.

  • joe_totale-2
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    If you did this, the issue would be the width of the tyres, especially at the chainstays.

    If you can squeeze 32's in there's Gravelking SK's available in this size which would be more than enough for gentle off road and means that you won't cut up you expensive GP5000's.
  • singleton
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    My second bike has 2 sets of wheels -700x 32 Gravel King for winter road use and 650x47 knobblies for single tracks and more serious off roading with my mates on their MTB's.

    Like Joe said - the issue will be tyre clearance for wider tyres.
  • fenix
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    Unless you're fitting mahoosive tyres you'll be lowering your BB height. So watch it over tree roots and things.
  • johngti
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    Thanks all. I’ll probably stick with the cheapo MTB for rides with the boy. It’ll do for popping to the shops occasionally too. Appreciate the help.
  • johngti
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    Although I might try to find a better/lighter fork for it. The btwin one is rubbish.