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Support with axle measurements for Q-loc

Hi all,
I have inherited an old MTB and thought I would try my hand at fixing her up for my nephew. ( 2005 Carrera fury)
It has SR Suntour forks with a SR Q-loc axle however the axle is completely knackered. I am trying to find a replacement part but every part I look at measures 100mm yet the original part measures 140mm and the product manual I found also measures 140mm. Am I missing something or should I go ahead and order the 100mm part? I have emailed but am waiting for a reply. Thanks all


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,336
    edited 19 July
    100mm is the width of the wheel hub, and this is probably what is being referred to (there are other standards which measure 110mm such as boost). I'm guessing that the 140mm you measured is the total length of the axle? That sounds roughly right, as it would give 20mm each side of the fork.
  • Thank you @whyamihere that makes things easier.
    The good news about having an old knacker to restore is it gives you confidence to try your had at taking things apart that you normally wouldn't. The problem comes when you don't have a clue 😂 thanks again
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