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Vitus bikes

Hi I’m new to this site I was wandering if anyone in the UK knows if Vitus bikes are currently being sold I emailed chain Reaction And they sent me want looked like an automated reply back I’m in the USA and I was checking out the sommet 27 also ware are these bikes actually manufactured any help would be appreciated thanks .


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    Hi Vince, welcome to the Forum! :)

    CRC do sell Vitus bikes as it is their own brand. They are generally rated as good and great value for money. Some are rated as excellent.

    The big problem is that the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic is that many, many workers (not just CRC, but all across the UK) have been sent home on short pay (furloughed) and it would appear that they have all gone out and bought bikes to help pass the time. Many new bikes are no longer available and even second hand bikes are becoming rarer than hen's teeth. A shortage of available bikes is a frequent topic on a variety of bike forums (fora?), it's not just you.

    You probably got the automated reply because the person(s) who are supposed to answer your email are no longer there.

    I do not know the exact answer to your "where are they made" question, but I would expect that along with probably most bikes in the world, the frames and many of the other components are made in China, Vietnam, Taiwan and some in the Philippines, or maybe India. Anywhere the labour and land costs are low. I'm not even sure where the bikes are assembled, maybe in the UK?

    The good news for the keen bikers amongst us is that once the winter weather comes and/or lockdown ends there will be a lot of barely used bikes hitting the used market, prices will plummet. Bargains galore!!!
  • Thanks for your response much appreciated
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