Removing tubeless valve stem

Seems like a dumb question but I don’t want to damage anything. How do it remove this stem? I thought it would just push out but it’s not moving. Is it a push or a twist? I’ve removed the nut and washer from the other side.


  • lincolndave
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    Remove the valve core and tap with a light mallet, l have had to do it occasionally, I think with tightening up to tight and the sealant they tend to stick to the rim tape / rim
    Just a light tap though, have the valve in the 6 o’clock position on something soft
  • brundonbianchi
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    Once the nut and little washer are removed, it’s just a case of pushing it in. They can be tough, because of any cured sealant, but they will budge with a light tap from a mallet if needs be. Make sure the valve is covered with the cap before you tap it, if you want to reuse it though.
  • lesfirth
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    If your "final solution" for fixing a tubeless puncture is to fit an inner tube you will have to do this at the side of the road. Probably in the rain. I think I will leave the innertube at home in future.
  • dandancp
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    Thanks all, will give that a try. My final solution for fixing a tubeless puncture on the side of a road is Uber XL!
  • oxoman said:

    Tyre worms or plugs for all holes is the answer.

    Good luck with that on a typical road bike tyre.