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E5 Allez v Contend 3 v domane AL 2

Hi Everyone,
Thinking of buying a autumn/winter road training bike, i am already using an old specialised sirrus flat handle bar commuter bike for the wetter colder months, but want to change to something that goes along with what i use in the nicer part of the year, and allows me to not have to sit up straight into all that those months can throw at me...

i have looked around and the above 3 have caught my eye, they seem to weigh around the same, and offer the sora groupset, the contend has alu forks as well as opposed to carbon on the other 2.
I have also looked at the triban, merlin, pinnacle, and boardman 8.6 entryish .. level bikes but am wary as to their frame quality as i will be looking to upgrade the components over time anyway.
So in essence, i think im looking for the best frame really that i can build upon with better components over time.
i have even looked at the CAAD optimo as a replacement for my Felt Z85 and using the Felt then for autumn/winter

Any advice would be appreciated thank you, as then i will need to build a business plan with the financial controller of the house :-) , as to why i need another bike !!!


  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,333
    I know people with the Allez and although it has mudguard mounts you'll struggle to fit more than 23mm tyres under them which doesn't make it ideal for winter/commuting.

    The Domane has much more forgiving tyre clearance if this is a factor for you.
  • kagedskageds Posts: 33
    Hi Joe ,
    yes as i will probably switch between 25/28 mm i think during the time frame.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,747
    None of the bikes you have already passed over have frame or quality issue's. Allez is a good frame but not sure if increased clearance on current frames. As a wet winter bike I'd probably go contend which is basically the old defy frame.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • kagedskageds Posts: 33
    Thanks oxoman
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