New bIke and noises

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Hi, I finally managed to buy a new bike, A Triban RC120 My first bike since I was a teenager. I took it for my first proper ride today about an hours ride and covered just over 20KM. I noticed that if I change to the smaller cog on the front (the 34) and I pedal/ride along it makes quite a bit of noise. It is does not make any such loud noises when I change to the larger 50 cog/gear and ride along.
Is this due to it being a budget low end road bike or did the guys at Decathlon not set the bike up properly?
Thanks in advance guys :)


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    If you're on the small cog at the front then you're using the lower gears so you'd probably be climbing.
    If you're doing this on the flat then you'd probably be also using the small cogs at the rear so yes cross chaining.

    I'd read up about gearing and I think your problems will disappear.
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    Thanks, I was in on the smallest cog on the front but not the smallest cog on the back - I was on the third smallest the back. I know that i should not use certain combinations of gears, like the smallest at the front and the smallest at the rear together, likewise not to use the biggest at the front with the biggest at the rear
    I will watch the videos, thanks for the guidance guys :)