Newbie buying advice

Hi guys, first post, be gentle!!

I’m a total novice when it comes to cycling, but I’m desperate to get involved. I’m on on the look out for a good second hand buy. Either MTB or Hybrid. What makes/models make good buys? I’ve a budget of 300-350. Any in particular stand out as good value for money? Any info/tips would be much appreciated!



  • The Rookie
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    You need to decide what sort of riding you'll be doing, road, road and easy gravel tracks, rougher tracks, trail centres. Each needs a progressively heavier duty bike which would be slower on road.

    When looking used its better for you to post what you have available to buy than us suggest something you may never find for sale.
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  • loltoride
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    I 2nd what Rookie said we need to know a minimum of what you require the bike for then I am sure you will get loads of tips. One good thing your starting with secondhand as your budget will limit your choice going secondhand you will get much more choice. All the best
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  • gomezz
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    If buying second hand I would suggest you take someone with you that really knows about bikes or you could end up paying more in parts in total than buying a better new bike.
  • Thanks for the input guys, I have young kids so a lot of cycle tracks, canals paths, easy gravel tracks. But I would also like the flexibility of having a bike I could take on heavy tracks. Lots of carrera subway 2s, boardman hybrids, trek & specialized models. Just not sure what to go for? Or for £400, what brand new mtb/hybrid would you go for?