New mobile battery

I have a Motorola G4 phone with which I'm perfectly happy, but the battery is dying. I could get a new one, but is it worth it for a phone that's a few years old? Are more modern phones really any better? I only really browse, bit of YouTube, plus actual phone calls

It's just a hill. Get over it.


  • fenix
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    Up to you and what you want from the phone. Probably cost you about £50 or so but your battery life will be back to normal. A lot cheaper than a new phone.

    I upgraded my last phone after three years and yes it's slightly faster with a bigger screen and slightly better camera.
  • shortfall
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    Depends how old it is and how likely it is that something else will break or wear out once you've spent 50 quid on getting the battery replaced (like keeping an old car going, it's always doable but not always cost effective). If you want a decent handset with good battery life then Motorola cater for most needs for less than £200.
  • super_davo
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    Tech moves on and there is a lot out that would be an improvement on a four year old low to midrange phone that's stopped getting security updates, for not much money.
    e.g. I just ordered a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8t from their own site for £114 which is Snapdragon 665, much better camera, fast charging, bigger screen, longer battery life, can run all latest apps and should continue to get updates for the next few years.

    I get that it's not environmentally friendly to do so but the battery is probably the biggest concern in that respect and you need to change that.

    Go to HotUKDeals and check out phone deals posted by MrSwitch and I'll be stunned if you still want to keep your old Moto.
  • secretsam
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    Cheers. Battery really hopeless now. Suddenly just...pfft

    It's just a hill. Get over it.