Which is the best van to buy to fit 5 road bikes inside?

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Hi team,

My family is now up to 5 cyclists, all riding road bikes with 700cc wheels. I've been getting away with an estate car and roof rack for transporting them until now, but feel like it's time to make a switch to a van.

Hence I would really appreciate the recommendation on the best van to suit the purpose. It needs to sit 5 passengers and allow to store 5 bikes in the back with as little tinkering as possible (i.e. ideally with wheels on). Ideally I'd like to install a floor rack to be able to roll the bikes in and out, and I also hope that this is achievable with a short wheel base van (would consider LWB at a push).

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to your thoughts.


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    I was after a similar vehicle, and was looking at a wav Renault traffic/vauxhall vivaro.

    The one I was interested in had 3 seats at the front, and then one seat either side directly behind them, and a large ramp space for a wheelchair.

    We hired one, and I think it would have worked nicely.
    3 bikes in that central area, loads of space, and then one bike either side, behind the single seats with the front wheels off.

    You can also get them with fold out (from the side) further back rear seats, so a flexible 5/7 seater.

    Alternatively, if you got a eav with 3 seats up frint, and 2 seats on ine side only, I reckon you could get 5 fully assembled bikes in as well.

    The only other option from a wav is a minibus with trac seating rails, which means you can shift seats around, and will likely help to secure bikes as well.

    Main reason I liked the wav is the fold out ramp, so super easy loading/unloading.

    I was out voted on a vehicle that large, and high, and we ended up with a far more car like ford grand tourneo connect, as mentioned by a forumite on here when I posted a similar thread.
    Have to say I am very happy with it.

    I could drop all the rear seats and get 5 bikes in, but only seating for 2.
    I had to remove the rear most 2 seats wholesale, as there wasn't quite enough height for some bikes.

    I did a ton of research, and looked long and hard, but unless you're willing to go lwb or forego a more traditional seating arrangement, I saw no way to get the load length for fully assembled bikes.

    Only other option could be to get one that's wide enough to take them left to right across the van, but I think you'd need something like a vw crafter (?) to achieve that.

    Keep us posted, be interested to hear what route you take.
    Ih and search for my thread, was a ton of useful replies and suggestions on it.
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    Could you get a tow bar carrier and a bike on top ?

    Guess it depends how often you drive to ride Vs just drive.
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    tow-bar and trailer.
  • Vivario or Transit seems the way. Please customise to your choice.

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    My girlfriends brother uses a VW transporter for his carpentry business. It’s got loads of room and can change from all seating to just a van by removing seats.
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    Vintage citroen DS with F off big roof rack.
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    If you're going long wheel base get a sprinter, I use vans all the time and they are great.

    A Vito or transporter with a custom bench seat would get them in but front wheel would most likely need to come off.
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    I have a short wheel based vivaro. It really depends on what bikes you have? My mountain bike is such a bulk that it takes so much space - I would be able to fit one, maybe two more bikes in it. If I put my road bikes in, then I can fit in 4 bikes.

    That said, my van only has 3 seats. For 5 bikes and 5 passengers (!!!) then I think longwheel base or a trailer might be the better option. Beware of parking with a LW though!

    Reading the posts above, if I were to reconsider, I’d go for a VW or a Mercedes - haven’t had much mechanical luck with my Vauxhall.