Okay, now my 16 year old son needs new baggies. Here's the catch however . He plays rugby as a prop forward and has huge legs. I mean huge legs . We often have to size up trousers a couple of sizes to get his thunder thighs in and even then I send more pairs back than accept . I'm sure we have some racing snakes on here with 30 inch waists. Stick another 2 inches on that and that's one of his thighs. Seriously.

Obviously, I need some baggies with large thighs....any thoughts..?


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    I've got larger than normal thighs and the older versions of the below are quite loose. Not sure about about the current models.
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    To be truthful you have such an excellent choice available just order a few styles you like and sizes and return what does not suit. I tend to find all MTB shorts are quite baggy but just the sizing needs to be correct for instance myself Mavic I need to size up and Endura sizing is perfect.
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    Thanks for the replies folks.