Front Child seat on gravel bike?

Hi all,
I am wondering if any anyone has any experience of a front child seat on a gravel bike. It will be used for a 1 year old on a 10min cycle to crèche and the odd weekend family spin on quite roads and parks. I have just switched from a hard tail where I had my eldest in a rear bike seat for the past 3 years to a Cube Nuroad fe pro so understand the handling will be very different.


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    I went ahead with the Thule Yepp mini for its low profile and size. It’s actually working out very well for the short commute. The handling is a little bit less responsive but fine if you take it slow and easy. A trailer isn’t really an option where we live, there are very few segregated bike lanes on our narrow city roads. I’d be fearful of cars clipping the back of it.
  • Hi Emmo

    I'm also looking at the Thule Yepp mini for my Cub Nuroad. Did you need to get the Ahead stem adapter?

  • I have this same question and while I confirmed with bike dealers that the Thule Yepp Mini with the stem adapter will work for many drop-bar bikes, the key concern seems to be the amount of clearance you will have to ride the bike comfortably. I am worried, for instance, even if my hands are on the hood or the flat-bar part whether my chest will rub against the child seat... :(
  • I am also getting the Thule Yepp Mini with the ahead stem adapter, but I’m not sure how much room you will have when you lean forward. Any comments?
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    Apologies, I’m only seeing these comments now. It might be a bit late for you guys. I’d imagine you got sorted by now.
    For anyone else looking the seat fits onto the headset with the supplied slim fit adapter. I’ve been using it nearly everyday for a year now. The toddler loves it.
    I tried the head stem adapter but it caused the seat to come back to far leaving very little clearance.
    I am 5’ 11” and the clearance is fine with the slim fit. it’s similar to when I have it on the mountain bike. You do tend to be a bit more straight up which I find is ok for trips under 10km. Being a gravel bike the bars are a bit wider than a road bike so that helps. I also lowered the saddle to get the feet down quicker when stopping or go off balance a bit.
    Also it’s worth getting the head rest for when they get tired otherwise you end up holding a tilted head off the bar 😂. I saw one post where the guy used a travel neck pillow and turned it backwards on the kid, looks like it will work.