Decent BB86 alternative for ultegra

denispearl Posts: 152
Hello. I'm looking to improve efficiency and currently have a Shimano BB86 installed. Could anyone suggest an alternative of a better make or within Shimano range? Could be more expensive. I have looked at here. Liked the outcome, bit the price is a bit steep. Any thoughts on that as well? Many thanks in advance.
currently have similar bike


  • i.bhamra
    i.bhamra Posts: 304
    What do you mean by efficiency? If it's a question of efficiency of power transfer then you could spend £100s on a fancy BB with ceramic bearings and not notice the slightest bit of difference. If it's efficiency in terms of reduced maintenance time spent replacing BBs with play or eliminating creaks and ticks then any of the BBs where the two halfs screw together may help, I like the Hope ones, however they are expensive compared to the shimano ones.

    Personally, if it's working with no play or annoying noises I'd leave it be.
  • imposter2.0
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    As above. Not sure what you mean by 'more efficient', but Shimano press fit/BB86 is perfectly good enough as a standard item - and spending money on a ceramic option or similar might sound like a nice idea, but will make little or no real-world difference.