Just stacked on new bike

so my front wheel/tyre just completely slid out on damp concrete/footpath.
Its a route through crystal Palace park that ive ridden 100,s of times over the years and not once on my previous 26" hardtail has this happened to me.
My old bike still had the original kenda tyre on from factory.
My new bike is 2020 cube attention 29 er with schwalbe smart sam on.
Elbow,knee and calf cut up.
Is there something I'm missing from these tyres?
I wasn't going that fast at all but the speed in which the wheel just completely wiped out from underneath me was crazy.
Like i say I've ridden my old bike in these damp conditions many times around same corner.
This is the 1st time on new bike on this route but have been out at swinley forest and general riding around the roads.
Any recommendations for a front sticky tyre if thats whats needed.
I can't remember the last time I fell off a bike if ever in this fashion.


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    First rainfall in a while?
    Diesel/petrol spill?
    Do Smart Sams need bedding in a little to offer grip?
    Simply over-inflated?

    Way back on Valentine's Day 2017, I went for a spin on my Voodoo fatbike with 38mm Marathon Cross tyres inflated to close to the max pressures of 85PSI. Came to a roundabout I was going to travel ~75% round and the front tyre wiped out on me. I think it was a combo of the pressure and fuel spill, never happened since, never inflated those tyres to more than 65/70PSI since.
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  • ouch ... sounds painful .

    Are you sure it wasnt speed though ? new bike and on bigger wheels you can often be faster than you realise , or was there a spill , as a biker i know this can be an issue with diesel etc.

    is the tyre pressure a possible reason ?

    i had a big off some years ago on my zaskar and still cant figure how it happened .
  • Very painful, 18stone sliding over the tarmac.
    Front tyre on 40psi which is well under my old bike.
    It is definitely a bit slippery as its an area thats in damp conditions.
    Definitely wasn't faster than any time before as I'd just had to navigate an old couple walking and i always slow down at this corner as I need to see round it before I go round and down it as quite often there can be family's etc walking.
    I think i was standing up and was just about to accelerate down and I think my front shock wasn't locked out and it is quite soft.
    But like say the speed in which one second I was fine and next the wheel was gone under.
    Bike saddle torn,rear derailleur and pedal scratched.
    I had few people see me go flying as well.
  • Wouldn't be diesel unless from a ride on grass cutter as right in crystal Palace park.
    No vehicles.
  • And yes goat its definitely damp and slippery but just never even had a slight slide out on my previous bike and I've riden that corner many times.
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    I've never heard anyone talk of the need to scrub in bike tyres - but maybe they are a bit more slippery when new
    Certainly I always used to bed in motorcycle tyres when they were new.

    When tyres are being moulded, their surface is coated with a release agent to make sure it comes out of the mould without any issues. As you’d expect, this release agent is non-stick and while that coating is on the tyres, they can be slippery when used on the road.
    Additionally, some chemicals are used during manufacturing to make the tyres smooth and avoid any surface defects. Again, the result of these chemicals on brand new tyres is a slightly slippery, glossy surface.
    Because of a brand new tyre’s slippery properties, they need to be ‘scrubbed in’ when they are first fitted and used.
  • Makes Sense for sure.
    Also just read that smart sams are dual compound with the centre line being a harder compound for on the road.
    I'll perhaps deflate a little to get rid of the high centre line for the time being.
    Any suggestions for a tire with good wet/damp grip.
    I'm not 100% on this but even when I first bought the bike I thought the tyres looked rather plasticky.
    Are they putting less rubber and grippy stuff in new mountain bike tyres because they don't need them to do well on the tarmac.
    Just a thought.
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    Current bike geometry is longer with slacker front ends. Both affect handling and potentially put less rider weight over the front wheel. Could be contributing to front end wash outs if you're riding it like a classic 26er. Or maybe it was just a fluke stack.
  • Yes Harry,I definitely feel that.
    The front wheel seems massive and out there compared to 10 year old kona hardtail.
    Kona hardtails front wheel is smaller and feels under the bike more.
    I'm sure I checked geometry before I bought and wasn't much different but the front wheel just seems massive compared to 26"
  • Kona is 68.8 and cube is 69 degree
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    What series are the tyres? Schwalbe make 'Performance' and 'Evolution' lines.
    The Performance line tyres are awful in anything but bone dry conditions. The slightest bit of damp and they lose grip.
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  • Will it be written on the side?
    Or some code/numbers etc
  • Says k-guard active line.
    Cube edition
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    Using "performance" for your cheapest tyre would embarrass an estate agent speak.

    Another one is the smallest size of washing powder you could buy was labelled "Large", a bit like condoms so I'm told! :)