New XC/AM tyre combo?

XC/AM tyres? Looking to update the 5'ish year old Schwalbe Hans Dampf front/ Continental Rubber Queen rear combo on my Rose Granite Chief, any recommendations without breaking the bank please?

I'm doing a lot more XC than AM at the minute, but I'd like something that can cope with some bigger stuff too when I eventually get round to riding it again.

I've found the Specialized Slaughter 2Bliss Grid rear and Purgatory 2Bliss Grid front pair for less than £40 delivered from their own website, anyone got any opinions on them please? They seem to be quite well reviewed, but it's always worth an ask.

If I go for those 2, I'm also tempted to get a Butcher for good measure...


  • Well the problem with thread is with tyres you get what you pay for. The tyre is the most important part of a bicycle and yet people go for the cheapest option.

    I have my favourites and after using other tyres for while switching back to my favourites which are also the most expensive has been nice. I remember why now they are my favourites.

    The specialised tyres your looking at are not what I would call XC tyres. That something like the IRC mythos. Got schwalbe rocket Ron's and racing Ralph's on one XC mtb and quite frankly they are not very nice. They lack grip when I need it most. Although round suffolk that's a favoured combo my many.

    Tyres that your looking at will.mean riding XC terrain as know it will be a hard slog than it need be.

    If you use an insert and not inserts are the same (there a fair bit of physics to the choice) then an cc tyre becomes more capable on the big stuff. The two stand out inserts are crush core and PTN. Crush core is better suited to the big hitting stuff where maximum rim defence is required wheres as PTN are all rounders they do the rim defence and so much more. Ptn is what I use for XC riding and my 2.1" tyres where they be svmchwalbes or IRC feel like they are 2.5" wide. It's the best way I can describe the insert effect. More control, more traction just like you get with a wider tyre.
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    Bit of a Schwalbe fanboy so either
    Nobby Nics both ends, Trailstar front, Pacestar rear, or a Ron/Ralph combo again Trail/Pace (don't go cheap performance compound).
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    Like The Rookie I am also a bit of a Schwalbe fanboy. I use Nobby Nic on both ends (front Trailstar, rear Pacestar) on my full sus during the wet seasons and Nobby Nic front, Rockrazor rear in the summer. All tyres are Evolution series.

    I also like Specialized tyres and run them on my hard tail. They are good value for money and work well. I always buy Grid casing. I run Purgatory (f) and Ground Control (r) during the summer and a Butcher (f) / Eliminator (r) combo through the winter.

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    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

    To clarify, the tyres will be run with tubes rather than tubeless if that makes any difference?

    I'll be doing 75% off my riding on hardpack cycleways, gravel and tarmac, with the other 25% on natural rooty single-track in local woodland, hopefully with a couple of trail centres added in when my 12yr old gets used to his new bike.
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    Running tubed doesn't really impact things.
    Given your stated use I'd go with my suggested Ron/Ralph recommendation above.

    Compound and not tread is critical for roots, don't cheap out there.
    Currently riding a Whyte T130C, X0 drivetrain, Magura Trail brakes converted to mixed wheel size (homebuilt wheels) with 140mm Fox 34 Rhythm and RP23 suspension. 12.2Kg.
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    Thanks for the replies, on this occasion I've gone for the Specialized, solely as they were a bargain, but my next set of tyres will definitely be Schwalbe of some description. :)

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    That looks better.