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GoPro Hero 5 Black mode/settings for commuting

I use a GoPro Hero 5 Black on the front of by bike for recording my commute. It's just for piece of mind after I had a driver flatten me at a junction and drive off a few years back.

For recording, I just press the record button and away I go. This records my ride in 4Gb chunks until my 64Gb memory card is full and then I have to manually clear it. My question is though, is that the best mode to use or is there a better way? Any advice is much appreciated.


  • RedClipRedClip Posts: 110
    If I only had to have one camera on my bike, I'd put it on the rear of my bike.
    You're likely to have more cars passing you, than you passing other vehicles.

    If the camera can accept larger capacity cards, I'd put 128GB as a minimum size.
    You ideally want to record your commute in both directions. Then wipe the card when you get home again.
    I don't think GoPro cameras will automatically record over old footage, when the card is full.

    If the 5 Black has a time lapse function, you could use that.
    I use that feature on my 7 Black (front camera) to save card space. And record at normal speed on the rear camera.

    If you didn't want to buy another card, you could try reducing the video quality, but then it makes it more difficult to see car number plates (especially in low light/rainy conditions i.e. British Summer).
  • i got it, thank you for the explanation.
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