Calling Willier GTR owners

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I think my ideal frame size is between S and M.

Can you tell me your inside leg measurement and frame size please?
I'm not looking for a big h'bar to saddle drop and I would like to run a 100mm stem.
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  • lesfirth
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    I have a small 2016 WiLier GTR Team Disc. My height 167cm and inseam to floor 77.5cm. ( My mum used to tell me that diamonds do not come in big lumps).I have 2cm of spacers between the stem and headset top cap and an 80mm stem. Top of saddle to top of bars drop is 3cms.
    I am an old git and my rides are 3 hrs max. Position suits me fine.
    I like the bike and with 28mm tubeless tyres ( 70/75 psi) it is very comfortable.
    I hope the info is some use.
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    Cheers Les. I'm betwixt and between with this one.
    I'm 172cm, 81cm inseam. The frame that is available has 40mm available stack. it's an S.
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    If you follow this

    it looks like you are well into a size M
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    I would tend to agree but I have average legs, long body and short arms.
    Those who say my arms are shorter than that are just liars.
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    Is in the post :)
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    Is this for a new build Pinno, or is it a replacement for the old Willier?
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    Replacement for the old Wilier LD.
    I've hit the half century and with metal hips to boot, I decided I wanted something a bit more gentle on the bones.
    I'll swap all my lovely Record over.

    Can't wait. First NEW frame since 1989. All the rest have been 2nd hand.
    The Izoard is lovely - can't fault it. Winter bike is a C40 and it's off to Atlantic Boulevard next week. I would have settled on yet another C40 but they are hens teeth in good condition and there's a bit of me that wants some extra zip (when I can muster it up).
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  • Post up a pic Pinno when it's all lovely and ready for the road please? :p
    I'm 'ahem' 50+ in years and I'm gonna get a new frame next year..........finally can afford to as the mortgage will be paid off and spare cash will be going begging!
    I've had the same frame now for nearly 12 years (which has been good to me) but looking forward to something else.
    Willier will be on the longlist! :)