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crack and dent, warranty claim?

My new specialized allez is 8 weeks old and has done 300 miles.

Giving the bike a clean last night I noticed a very small dent on the underside of top tube and a small crack next to it 12mm long. Very difficult to see unless you have the bike flipped over.

The bike hasn't been dropped or crashed. It hasn't been transported on any bike racks or left unattended other than in my garage. As far as I am concerned the bike sustained this damage before it got to me. Which I received mail order.

In relation to warranty I guess I will be told crash damage, no warranty cover. In relation to the bike shop supplier it's my word against theirs, for recieving damaged goods which I have then used because I didn't realize.

Can anyone offer some insite as to the best way to resolve this?


  • joe2019joe2019 Posts: 1,338
    Honestly, I'd just ride the bike and stop inspecting it, after 1000 miles there will be more of these and so on...
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Where is the crack photo ? What's the frame made of ?

    If it's just cosmetic and it's on the underside then yeah just carry on riding. Every bike picks up dings and chips.
  • Aluminium on the underside of the top tube.

    I have no concerns of keeping the bike if its just cosmetic.

    However I don't know if the crack is in the aluminium not just the paint, with the dent too. How do I know that the structural integrity of th frame hasn't been affected, of the lifespan reduced owning to fatigue.
  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 13,282
    You can't see anything in that photo because it's so out of focus.
  • webboowebboo Posts: 5,859
    I would have thought that Aluminium is not likely to crack there unless it had been bent or twisted. It’s more likely to crack round the welds.
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,949
    edited July 2020
    It's most likely a chip from a stone or something or a small paint crack. Put a few thousand miles on it and there will be far worse marks.

    Definitely not a frame/ manufacturing fault, so not something you can claim (or need) a warranty repair on.

    Just forget the mark and enjoy riding your bike.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    No I can't see a crack happening there.

    I dented my top tube on my Alu bike in week 1. It's now been 11 years or so and it's flown down alpine passes and survived all my winter riding.

    Mines far more visible than yours. Just enjoy riding. I can't see you'd be able to claim on a warranty now. It could be a stone chip.
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