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Which road bike is best?

Hi all,

I’m new to the whole riding experience but after getting tired of borrowing my mates bike, thought I’d go and get my first road bike! Only issue is I have no knowledge on what to look for so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.
I live in Manchester and would be using the bike mainly on roads - I’ve currently been using a Carrera and want something similar.

Doing some research, the following brands keep coming up as good starter bikes so any advice as to which one would be best, I’d be grateful!

Triban 3 (Red version)
Pinnacle (Evans) / Merlin PR7 (both higher than my budget but wouldn’t mind knowing if they’re worth the price)

My budget is around £2-300 as only looking to buy something second hand just in case this new hobby of mine doesn’t last too long!

Thanks in advance


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    Any of the above would be fine, but if you're looking at secondhand in that price range, then the condition of whatever it is you are looking at (and how well it has been looked after) if going to be far more important than the brand itself.
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    The Triban 3 red is probably 5 years old now, but is a very good bike, carbon forks too.

    Only negative is that the wheels are not the best, and may need servicing, or replacing even by now.
    They had reliability issues, so you could get lucky in that decathlon may have replaced them with some shimano ones, in which case you are onto a winner.

    No idea what height you are, but bear in mind that the 48 & 51 size frames come with 650b wheels.

    It's successor the Triban 500 will likely be in your pirce range now as well, though I think if you can find the SE that has a spec more on par with that of the 3 Red.

    Carrera are ok, but if I were advising a friend I would personally point them towards Decathlon or Boardman - unless I stumbled on something really nice for good money.

    Keep an eye out for 'unfashionable' brands as well, the likes of Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Giant will always have a good following.
    Brands such as Carrera, Boardman to some degree (Though unfairly in my mind), Claude Butler, B-Twin etc will liely sell for less than a 'sought after' make.
    They key I would be looking for is a decent groupset, maybe upgraded wheels, and definitely a carbon fork.

    Looks like you are already on the right track, but avoid bicycle shaped objects such as Viking, Apollo etc.

    Personally I would avoid Evans now, as they are owned by Mike Ashley who owns the abomination that is sports direct.
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