Brake residue on carbon rims

diplodicus Posts: 711
Does anyone have any tips/methods of removing brake residue from carbon rims.

I have bought a 2nd hand pair of wheels which are apparently lightly used, less than 300km. The seller has said that the only sign of use is the brake residue. I am going to have them rebuilt around a powertap hub I have, but would like to clean them up as much as possible before I do

Thanks in advance


  • monty_dogcp
    monty_dogcp Posts: 382
    Isopropyl alcohol
  • diplodicus
    diplodicus Posts: 711

    I will order some and give it a go when the wheels arrive.
  • pilot_pete
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    Picture? Just make sure the brake track isn’t worn out. If it’s been overheated it could have residue which may not be consistent around the track, i.e. it could have areas around the track that have overheated. This leads to uneven residue around the track and pulsing under braking load. Just because he says they’ve done 300km doesn’t mean that is all they have done. Buyer beware.

  • diplodicus
    diplodicus Posts: 711
    Took delivery of them today. The seller was being very conservative with the description. I can hardly see any marks on the brake track so in the end I haven't bothered cleaning them as they look brand new.