How thick heli tape?

Going to be far too precious and put heli tape on the underside of the downtube of my new matt frame (vowed I'd never get another frame without 57 layers of lovely shiny lacquer....). Anywhere else worth putting it? Underside of chainstays or back of seat tube?

How thick do people go for? I'm a bit limited in choice as I need matt tape so was looking at these two, being 0.12mm or 0.22mm (I think as it's a bit unclear whether this is with or without the backing layer):


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    Matt tape can be a pain compared to gloss. I've yet to find one that's properly sticky.

    As for other areas. I wrap the chain stays, particularly the drive side for chain slap. Both sides can be good if you ride with overshoes and have noticed rub from those before. You'll know if that applies to you.

    Another place which take seconds is under the fork crown, you'll never see it really but in years to come if you ever sell the bike even that will remain unscratched. While you are at it cut a tiny piece and cover the hole in the back of the fork crown for the front brake. It stops it filling with dirt :)

    Use bits of course for all points where cables will rub the frame.

    Doing these things will keep a bike pretty much like new for years and years, some people don't care about that, but for the 20 mins it takes to do I think it's worth it.

    Good luck finding a good sticky matt tape though, like I say a lot of them are nowhere near sticky enough but you'll get there with it it's just not as easy. Oh, and round the corners of any piece before you stick it on, it will stop corners lifting. A hairdryer can help after initially sticking too in getting things to stick and adhere to curves etc.

    (If you ever need gloss, BikeTart stuff is good but even better are the Zefal skin kits, the large kit has enough bits to cut and use for most areas on a bike and it goes on real easy).
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    I bought this tape, it's been great.

    Easy to apply, just wet the bike and the tape in soapy water. Then use a hair dryer.