Tubeless issue / start over?

Hi All,

New to tubeless but the bike i bought has them.

Inflated the tyres a few times with no issues, a same psi inflate the other day it popped, but i dont know why.

Struggling to get the tyre back on. Was thinking of redoing them.

Current rims/tyres are: Maxxis 27.5x2.4, Blackjack 27.5 tubeless ready.

Think its worth buying new valves, sealant and tape? and is it easy enough for tubeless newbies?



  • thyjones
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    oxoman said:

    What kind of pressure are you running at. I've had a few friends recently that have brought new bikes with tubeless set ups for commuting and had similar problems because they've over inflated. They assumed they could inflate like a road bike till rock hard. As regards anything tubeless have a troll through YouTube or cycleclinics tech pages.

    Hi, i cannot 100% remember but thought i had only got to about 20psi, it was definately nowhere near what i have done before, unless perhaps the pump wasnt reading properly. Do you think its likely i just popped the tyre off the rim or?