Polygon Strattos S5: any advice?

Looking for the first road bike (after 10+ years using MTB only) in the midst of the pandemic was not the smartest idea, and I'm essentially giving up with the idea of finding anything within my budget in the local bike shops nearby, which have been all completely out of stock for a while now.

So I started looking for online options and I found the Polygon Strattos S5 (https://www.bikesonline.com/2019-polygon-strattos-s5-shimano-105-22-speed-road) and its cheaper model S4. They are both within my budget and match well what I'm looking for in terms of components and frame.

Any feedback about the bike(s) as well as the buying and assembling process? In the US are sold online only. Any feedback is very welcome, especially from someone who owns (or owned) one and went through the online buying and assembling themselves.

Side note: I'm relatively comfortable with both the fitting and the assembling/tuning, as I've been doing a lot of maintenance works (including replacements) on my MTBs over the years.