Calibre line 20 vs Voodoo Bizango

I'm looking to buy my first mtb. Did some research and ended up going for Vitus Nucleus 27Vr but it got cancelled twice as CRC's system is apparently slow and doesn't update out of stock items immediately. So I ended up buying out of stock bikes twice only to get a rejection email later.

I'm now thinking of buying a Voodoo Bizango but came across Calibre Line 20 which in my noob opinion has better parts. Only thing confusing me is the Bizango has a lot of hype for being a good bike with tons of reviews but you can't even find a review for Line 20. Not a written or youtube review. So is there something I'm missing and should I just go for the Bizango?

They are both around the same price £600 ish and I don't mind the wheel size.